Newcastle BS launches 3.29% 10-year fix

22nd January 2016

Newcastle Building Society has launched a 10 year mortgage at a fixed rate of 3.29% up to 80% LTV with no fees.

The product is also Early Repayment Charge free after five years.

Charlotte Nelson, Finance Expert from said:
“With rumours constantly circling about the timing of a base rate rise, uncertain borrowers are starting to look for extra security from their mortgage deal, something this 3.29% 10-year fixed rate mortgage from Newcastle Building Society certainly supplies.
“Not only does this deal boast a highly competitive rate, but borrowers will also be able to benefit from the peace of mind that a 10-year fixed mortgage gives. Unusually, this deal also allows borrowers to redeem their mortgage early if desired, which gives it some welcome flexibility. This deal is therefore likely to be a popular and cost-effective choice for borrowers.”

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