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    Nationwide CEO to step down after 9 years

    Nationwide Building Society has today announced that it is intended that its Chief Executive, Graham Beale, will retire at or around the date of the AGM in July 2016. Read more

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    YBS launches 'lowest-ever fixed rate mortgage'

    Yorkshire Building Society has today launched the UK’s lowest-ever fixed rate mortgage with a 1.07% initial rate. Read more

  • FCA outlines MCD responsibilities for advisers

    The Financial Conduct Authority has outlined the wide range of potential issues and responsibilities mortgage advisers will need to prepare for in order to comply with the European Mortgage Credit Directive which will be introduced from the 21st March 2016. Read more

  • CML predicts mortgage "lending recovery"

    The Council of Mortgage Lenders' April estimate for total gross lending is £16 billion, 1% down on the previous month and 4% lower than the £16.7 billion of lending last April. Read more

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Pension clients 'want advisers to protect them from themselves'

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FCA review shows 'poor' insurance claims service


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TFC Homeloans to run specialist lending workshops

First Complete network exceeds 1,000 ARs


More than one in seven will retire with no pension

Chris Prior: The importance of developing a strong introducer network

FCA issues warning over debt management firms

Industry report aims to help borrowers in difficulty

Prestige Finance launches new second charge BTL range

Teachers BS widens HTB availability

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BoE discusses Bank Rate rise to 0.75%

In the minutes of the latest Monetary Policy Committee meeting, the committee said that "based on information from OIS rates, an increase in Bank Rate to 0.75% was now fully priced in by May 2016, around one quarter earlier than at the time of the April MPC meeting".

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Special Feature

House of Commons vs Housing Market - the next five years

Following a Conservative victory in last week's General Election, the industry has largely welcomed the "end of months of uncertainty" in the housing market.

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'Post-election bounce' in price expectations confined to London

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Is unemployment holding back North East house prices?

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Conveyancing CEO calls on industry keep pace with consumer demand

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Housebuilding recovery 'gathers momentum': HBF

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FCA review reveals poor insurance claims service for SMEs

Commercial property lending reaches post-crash high

UTB introduces new technology financing product

Prestige launches second charge BTL range

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The market for remortgage lending highlights consumers’ returning appetite for releasing capital from the value of their homes and the associated demand for secured loans.

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Today’s figures should probably be taken as “good-deflation” as lower prices at the supermarkets and the fuel pumps a few months ago are reflected.

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Now the Election is over, the hope is that sellers will have more confidence in market conditions, and there won't be any reasons for them not to proceed.

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However, there are still thousands of homeowners being repossessed each year, which begs the question: what will happen when interest rates do start to rise? How will people cope?

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What will the future hold? Ros Altmann has already been promised a place in Government – would it be too much of a leap to see her take a role formally in the pension ministry?

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Although house price rises are slower than they were last year, they are still rising faster than inflation. A big part of this problem is we are not building enough homes to keep up with demand which

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An area of concern bubbling to the surface these past nine months has been the drifting values of the prime and central London property market.

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The FCA dictates, rightly, that a broker has to give advice on the right product for each client’s circumstances and attitude to risk, but what chance does a poor broker have of advising a client appropriately...

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Based on these figures, arguably the mortgage market may need a jump start to get things moving again after this period of political unpredictability.

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While the latest Nationwide and Halifax house price indices indicated positive momentum in the housing market, the Land Registry records a decline in prices in March, suggesting the picture is rather more...

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Even with the most recent dip, the UK grew at the fastest pace of all the G7 countries over the last year.”

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Despite the government initiatives currently on offer, both gross mortgage borrowing and house purchase approvals in March remain down from last year.

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In the Spotlight with Georgina Oxton, Bower Retirement

We spoke to Georgina Oxton, Head of Business Development at Bower Retirement, about her new role within the company and the misconceptions surrounding equity release. Read more


House of Commons vs Housing Market - the next five years

Following a Conservative victory in last week's General Election, the industry has largely welcomed the "end of months of uncertainty" in the housing market. Read more

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