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  • Equity release on interest-only triples post-MMR

    The number of people using equity release as a means to pay off an interest-only mortgage has tripled since the Mortgage Market Review ushered in tougher affordability measures in April last year. Read more

  • FTB numbers grow 11% in April

    There were 25,600 first-time buyer completions in April 2015, 11.3% higher than 23,000 in March and 33.3% higher than three months ago. Read more

  • FCA to double capital resource requirements for PIFs

    The FCA has announced plans to raise the minimum capital resources requirement for personal investment firms from £10,000 to £20,000. Read more

  • 99% say there is still a need for High Street branches

    99% of customers interviewed by Newcastle Building Society responded 'yes' when asked if they feel there is still a need for branches on the High Street, with their main reason for choosing a branch being ‘access to cash and access to products that aren’t available online’. Read more

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Judge criticises FCA for "troubling" PR failings

An Upper Tribunal judge has criticised the FCA for “deeply disappointing and troubling” failings in the way it handled the case of a fined and banned financial adviser.

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Special Feature

Confusion over equity release

Following on from my ‘Creating Clarity Amidst Confusion’ piece, I now believe that the industry can be even more proactive in assisting our customers in understanding this often confusing marketplace.

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mark bell-langford
mark bell-langford 28 May 2015

Spot on analysis Gary. That protection opportunity is too big to ignore.

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Peter Marriott
Peter Marriott 28 May 2015

This just re-enforces my view of the public's general perception of, quote; "you can't get mortgages any more". MMR was absolutely necessary as one major step of regulation, but the mortgage lending industry...

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There has been much talk of a pre-election lull in the upper echelons of the housing market but in the mainstream it was ‘business as usual’ with mortgage approvals rising significantly in April.

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The market for remortgage lending highlights consumers’ returning appetite for releasing capital from the value of their homes and the associated demand for secured loans.

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Today’s figures should probably be taken as “good-deflation” as lower prices at the supermarkets and the fuel pumps a few months ago are reflected.

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Now the Election is over, the hope is that sellers will have more confidence in market conditions, and there won't be any reasons for them not to proceed.

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However, there are still thousands of homeowners being repossessed each year, which begs the question: what will happen when interest rates do start to rise? How will people cope?

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What will the future hold? Ros Altmann has already been promised a place in Government – would it be too much of a leap to see her take a role formally in the pension ministry?

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Although house price rises are slower than they were last year, they are still rising faster than inflation. A big part of this problem is we are not building enough homes to keep up with demand which

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An area of concern bubbling to the surface these past nine months has been the drifting values of the prime and central London property market.

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The FCA dictates, rightly, that a broker has to give advice on the right product for each client’s circumstances and attitude to risk, but what chance does a poor broker have of advising a client appropriately...

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Based on these figures, arguably the mortgage market may need a jump start to get things moving again after this period of political unpredictability.

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In The Spotlight

In the Spotlight with Richard Pike, Phoebus Software

We spoke to Richard Pike, Sales & Marketing Director at Phoebus Software, about interest only mortgages what the future holds for mortgage software. Read more


Confusion over equity release

Following on from my ‘Creating Clarity Amidst Confusion’ piece, I now believe that the industry can be even more proactive in assisting our customers in understanding this often confusing marketplace. Read more

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