In the Spotlight with Christie Cook, Glenhawk

We spoke to Christie Cook, head of product at Glenhawk, about the lender's changing proposition and how the market will continue to change post-pandemic.

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Rozi Jones
12th November 2021
Christie Cook Glenhawk
"We’ve made a number of enhancements to our product ranges in 2021, including a refresh of our regulated bridge offering"

FR: What opportunities and challenges did Glenhawk face during the pandemic?

The challenges of Covid were the same for all lenders in the UK with the lockdowns having a significant impact on customer’s ability to view or move properties and valuers unable to carry out physical valuations. Glenhawk were in a stronger position than some as the infrastructure to support flexible working was already in place. The pandemic did change customer’s priorities with many taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday to upsize to a larger home, move closer to green spaces or make improvements to their properties to support home working/schooling. Glenhawk was well placed to swiftly support the change in priorities, from our regulated bridge offering ensuring homeowners were able to meet the stamp duty deadline, to our commercial bridge which enables commercial developers to convert properties into residential units for post covid buyers.

FR: How has your proposition changed and what does Glenhawk have planned over the next 12 months?

We’ve made a number of enhancements to our product ranges in 2021, including a refresh of our regulated bridge offering to ensure customers are able to purchase and develop their dream home. We’ve also launched a heavy refurbishment product to enable significant structural changes to properties or to convert commercial properties into residential units. The next 12 months will be a very exciting time for Glenhawk as we’re looking to significantly expand our current proposition and launch into other sectors of the specialist market.

FR: How will the market continue to change post-pandemic?

The market has bounced back better than anyone expected, and it will continue to remain strong. Employment and wage levels are recovering well and with a limited housing stock, prices will remain positive. Customers will continue to improve their homes to ensure they have an optimised haven, invest in property, and maximise their commercial opportunities and Glenhawk intends to continue listening to their ever-changing needs so we can ensure we find innovative ways to support them.

FR: What would you like intermediaries to know about your lending proposition?

Glenhawk are an ethical and transparent lender, led by a very experienced team from the real estate and financial worlds, offering swift and competitive finance. We look at every case on its individual merits and price accordingly. Our underwriters are dedicated to each application, offering direct access and great communication from application to completion. Glenhawk has a broad product offering which will only continue to expand and this coupled with a willingness to lend, supported by fantastic service, makes Glenhawk a lender of choice.

FR: If you could read one headline about financial services in 2022, what would it be?

'UK fully recovered from Covid and Brexit!'

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