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Ashley Pearson Loughborough
1st December 2023

Ashley Pearson, national BDM at The Loughborough for Intermediaries, explores the personal approach of many building societies and how they can support intermediaries during a complex...

Steve Sanderson Clever
30th November 2023

Steve Sanderson, commercial and bridging specialist at Clever Lending, discusses how falling mortgage rates are creating more work for brokers and the support on offer to help advisers...

Ahmed Bawa Rosemount
29th November 2023

Ahmed Bawa, CEO of Rosemount Financial Solutions, explores the importance of client retention and why the broader economic picture gives ample reason for brokers to regularly contact...

Rob Clifford Stonebridge new
24th November 2023

Rob Clifford, chief executive of Stonebridge, discusses the lack of housing and mortgage market-focused measures or policy announcements during this week's Budget.

Antrea Demetriou London Credit
22nd November 2023

Antrea Demetriou, underwriter at London Credit, explores opportunities for brokers in 2024 as lenders look to make up for subdued lending in 2023, with increased appetite for lending...

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