Molo to offer affordability assessments for BTL

Digital lending platform Molo Finance is introducing its affordability assessment for single applicants, allowing customers to use their personal income and rental to support the application.

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Amy Loddington | Online Editor, Barcadia Media Limited
1st November 2023
molo finance

The digital lender’s affordability assessment leverages data from various sources, including credit bureaus and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to derive a borrower’s net disposable income.

Molo's affordability assessment is available across all product categories, including specialised offerings designed for HMO, MUFB, and Portfolio landlords.

Mark Michaelides, VP of Strategy at Molo said:

“We recognise the difficult economic environment that landlords are facing today, so we are delighted to introduce Molo’s affordability assessment, helping investors leverage their personal income to finance property deals. We remain committed to innovation and adaptability in our approach and product offerings, all while maintaining robust affordability standards.”

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