Barclays launches more sub-5% two-year fixes in latest round of cuts

The lender has reduced rates by up to 30bps.

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Rozi Jones | Editor, Barcadia Media Limited
16th November 2023

Barclays is further reducing rates by up to 0.30% on a selection of products across its residential purchase and remortgage ranges, effective from Friday 17th November.

In its purchase range, a Premier two-year fix at 60% LTV is reducing from 5.07% to 4.78% with an £899 product fee.

A standard two-year fix at 60% LTV is down by 30bps to 4.80% with an £899 fee, while a fee-free two-year fix at 60% LTV is reducing by 25bps to 5.20%.

At 75% LTV, a two-year fix has lowered from 5.20% to 4.95% with an £899 fee with the fee-free alternative decreasing to 5.27%.

In its five-year range, Barclays has reduced its Premier 60% LTV rate by 30bps to 4.77%, with a standard option down to 4.78%. At 75% LTV, five-year fixes now start from 4.85% with an £899 fee and 4.95% fee-free.

Remortgage highlights include a two-year fix at 60% LTV, down by 30bps to 4.98% with a £999 product fee.

Two-year fixed rates will also reduce to 5.12% at 75% LTV and 5.67% at 85% LTV, both with a £999 fee.

Five-year fixed rate remortgage products now start from 4.94% for a Permier product at 60% LTV, with a standard five-year fix at 4.97%.

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