Maximise your viewing data with conveyancing referrals!

As we come to the end of the stamp duty holiday, the market continues to ease. Along with the release of pent-up demand that resulted from the pandemic, the tax break succeeded in reviving the market following the first national lockdown.

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Peter Joseph | The Moving Hub
6th October 2021
Peter Joseph Moving Hub

However, with many firms now reporting a lull in business following the June deadline, agents need to make the most of their viewing data. This is where having the right conveyancing partner in place is most valuable. The right partner can provide an additional stream of revenue for agents through the service they provide to their clients.

The importance of maximising viewing data

In 2020, it was reported that it can take up to 19 viewings on average to sell a property. For agents arranging viewings, that creates 19 opportunities to make a conveyancing referral. Those prospective buyers have already proven their intent and are likely to go on to purchase a property. For this reason, agents must maximise their data to therefore maximise their return on all potential clients. When times are quiet, the right conveyancing partner can help provide a welcome boost to your income.

What is the answer?

Choosing a conveyancing referral partner that has the correct technology in place, will fast-track your route to boosting your income. In the current market, making every referral a success will turn into a steady stream of additional revenue for your business. For example, online conveyancing networks already have the technology in place to assist with this. With online portals, live case tracking, and faster ways to complete AML checks, they deliver a high level of service to your clients.

However, the technology can benefit you and your business too. Complete partners for conveyancing referrals will also offer you upfront commission, meaning you can get that extra income before the case completes. A cooling-off period will usually apply, but after this, there will be no clawbacks on the funds. Some companies will also offer you a free, white-labelled quoting page for your website. This means clients on your website can visit and run a conveyancing quote, providing you with more opportunities to boost your revenue.

How can The Moving Hub help?

We are an online conveyancing and property survey network covering England and Wales. We refer your clients’ cases to quality conveyancing firms throughout England and Wales. The key behind our success is our commitment to developing our own technology. We aim to streamline and improve the conveyancing process, to achieve smoother transactions and faster completions. We also provide benefits for our introducers. With upfront commission and no clawbacks after 14 days, you can get paid the extra revenue before the transactions complete. Our white-labelled quotation pages can also be added to your website, increasing your scope of getting additional income from conveyancing referrals.

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