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Half of advisers not ready for end of trail commission

Amy Loddington
8th April 2014
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Research conducted by Panacea Adviser has revealed that less than 50% of financial advisers believe their businesses are ready for the removal of trail commission.

The majority of those questioned feel unprepared and unsure of what steps to take.

Over 75% of advisers feel that there has been a lack of clarification on the definition of the removal of trail commission and which products will be affected. Many have stressed their confusion as to whether it will also affect investment bonds and pensions and believe there has been an absence of clear communication from the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Panacea’s research has established that the biggest impacts on the adviser community and their businesses will not only be the reduction in profit, but the increased costs to clients. Nine out of 10 (90%) advisers  believe that the end of trail commission will not enhance the outcomes to clients and in fact believe it could result in some clients, particularly those who have less to invest, being unable to afford any advice or guidance – which was historically funded through  trail commission.

Mark Cooke, Financial Adviser, MSC Financial Services commented:

“I am a small sole trader and have built up a large trail to help run a business model that can service all types of clients - even those who cannot now afford the fees I have to charge. The main point I see is that the removal of trail from investments leaves clients still paying the same annual management charge but now having to pay a fee on top - this is surely a major consumer detriment.”

Derek Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, Panacea Adviser said:

“Our research has clearly shown that the removal of trail commission is not fully understood by financial advisers and the overwhelming lack of clarity has meant they are simply not ready for this industry upheaval. Many advisers have stated that they feel this rule change is an injustice and that contractual agreements that have been in place for years have been set aside without any consultation with the adviser community.

“Panacea Adviser is now working towards making the end of trail process clearer and helping advisers through this transition period. We have met with the FCA to open the dialogue between advisers and regulators and create better communication between the two. Following this meeting Panacea will soon be releasing a guide to help get businesses ready for life after trail.”

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