'Be Kind We Care' initiative launches to property industry

The Conveyancing Foundation has launched the 'Be Kind We Care' initiative to promote kindness and wellbeing within the property industry.

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Rozi Jones
8th March 2021
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"We hope that the property industry embraces this initiative to promote good mental health and wellbeing."

Be Kind We Care is working in partnership with charities LawCare, Agents Together and the Mindstep Foundation to provide businesses and individuals with the resources they need to promote good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The Be Kind We Care Resource Hub offers access to a host of useful guides, top tips, podcasts, and webinars. There is also the opportunity to sign up to the Be Kind We Care Newsletter, which will provide subscribers with additional resources.

The Be Kind We Care initiative also be working closely with Today’s Conveyancer and their Call for Kindness campaign to promote this agenda, and also aims to raise over £30,000 in 2021 in support of charities providing mental health and welfare initiatives.

Lloyd Davies, co-founder and chairman of the Conveyancing Foundation, commented: “The inspiration behind this initiative derived in the workplace but applies to every situation in life. It is often easy when we are under pressure or feeling stressed to take frustrations out on others. A kind and friendly manner is usually more effective in achieving a required outcome.

“We hope that the property industry embraces this initiative to promote good mental health and wellbeing. We believe that this is a key issue for our industry, and we hope to make a positive change by highlighting the excellent resources available. Thank you in advance to those that support the Be Kind We Care initiative.”

Elizabeth Rimmer from LawCare added: “We are delighted to partner with the Conveyancing Foundation and the Be Kind We Care initiative to help promote wellbeing in the workplace. We can all help each other across the industry, and we hope that this initiative will help to raise awareness of the help that is available for those that are struggling during these busy and difficult times.”


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