NatWest cuts existing customer rates by up to 40bps

NatWest has also moved its term end dates to 31st March.

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Rozi Jones | Editor, Barcadia Media Limited
21st November 2023

From today, NatWest has reduced rates across its existing customer product range by up to 0.40%.

Rates have reduced by up to 40ps on selected two-year deals and 29bps on selected five-year rates.

Two-year fixed rates now start from 5.19% at 60% LTV with a £995 fee, 5.30% with a £495 fee, and 5.40% fee-free.

Five-year fixes at 60% LTV start from 4.89% with a £995 fee, 4.99% with a £495 fee, and 5.11% fee-free.

At 75% LTV, two-year fixes are now available at 5.30% with a £995 fee and 5.48% fee-free, while five-year fixes are available at 4.95% and 5.17% respectively.

Two-year fixed rates are now priced from 5.75% at 80% LTV, 5.85% at 85% LTV, 5.97% at 90% LTV, and 6.19% at 100% LTV.

Five-year fixes start from 5.29% at 80% LTV, 5.34% at 85% LTV, and 5.44% at 90% LTV.

As part of the changes, NatWest has moved its term end dates to 31st March 2026 or 2029.

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