"Nothing beats meeting face-to-face, sparking connections, and swapping ideas": Nicola Ventrella, The Right Mortgage

We spoke to Nicola Ventrella, operations director at The Right Mortgage, about what her role entails, the network's focuses for 2024, and why physical events are still so important.

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Rozi Jones | Editor, Barcadia Media Limited
26th April 2024
Nicola Ventrella The Right Mortgage
"It's all about building a community amongst our members. Being an adviser can sometimes be a lonely affair, and these events help introduce advisers to their peers."

FR: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in the market?

I graduated from the University of Sheffield and spent the year following that by indulging my love of travel around South America but used it mostly to gather my thoughts about what I wanted to do with my life.

Operations and marketing always interested me and my career started in project and account management for an advertising agency in Birmingham. Financial services was a career path that I eventually decided on and I went to work in campaign management at a prominent household name insurer.

I gained a second degree in digital marketing from the IDM alongside working full-time, and then went on to join The Right Group in 2012. Over the years, I've contributed to various companies within the Group before transitioning to The Right Mortgage (TRM) in 2017, when I celebrated turning 30 and becoming a board member.

FR: What does your role entail on a day-to-day basis?

Oh, it's a bit of everything. As operations director, I oversee the Group’s systems, events and marketing as well as any projects we have on, so my days are pretty full and varied. Every day's different, which keeps things interesting. I have a wonderful team of five direct reports with a wider team of ten who keep everything running smoothly. It’s all about finding the right candidates for the right job; those that can own it and don’t need micro-managing and we have a great team here at TRM. We’ve seen staff join us as their first job and have worked their way up the ladder; the opportunities for people joining are boundless and we are always looking for high-quality staff.

FR: What do you see as the major focus for The Right Mortgage through 2024?

The focus for TRM this year is all about growth – continuing to grow our membership, continuing to support our existing members with our enhanced customer services offering, and embracing the change with our new technology transition to Acre. We have a lot of ambition and I am really excited about the direction the network is going in this year. The sky’s the limit for TRM.

FR: TRM’s annual conference took place in March, plus you recently announced a calendar of events for member firms in 2024? Why is it important to have these, particularly the physical events, and what do members get out of them?

Nothing beats meeting face-to-face, sparking connections, and swapping ideas. Plus, they're just a great time. It's all about building a community amongst our members. Being an adviser can sometimes be a lonely affair, and these events help introduce advisers to their peers. Every single member of staff attends our annual conference, so it’s great for our members to put faces to names in an increasingly online world and our regional events help connect those advisers in their local areas.

FR: What makes TRM different to others in this marketplace?

We are all about culture and transparency. Our events have this buzz in the air that people talk about. We're big on treating everyone like family, listening to what our members need, and ditching the whole, ‘How much business do you bring in?’ routine. We put our members first, we're never afraid to shake things up and make changes when needed. It's all part of our commitment to constant improvement and ensuring we're always delivering the best possible network home for our members.

FR: The Right Mortgage is a family business – what does this mean personally for you to be involved in it?

I began working with Martin and Amanda back in 2012. It's honestly like being part of a big, extended family. I am truly committed to the network, and feel a part of the establishment (despite not sharing the Wilson name). But just because I am part of it doesn’t mean I rest on any laurels. I want us to be the best and that’s what drives me.

FR: Finally, when not at The Right Mortgage, what are you doing with your free time?

You'll find me chasing after my active two-year-old, sneaking in some yoga for sanity, and being half-Italian so it goes without saying I enjoy good food and great wine with friends and family. When I can, I also love to travel and experience new places.

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