Pure Retirement report gives advice firms later life marketing boost

Pure Retirement has released a new brand positioning report, helping businesses position their brands more effectively to reach the over-50s market.

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Amy Loddington
14th October 2021
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The report, Effective Brand Positioning Today for the Over 50s Market, was created by interviewing 20 experts in their fields alongside traditional research. Participants included Heads of Brand across multiple sectors, specialists in the later life market including The Centre for Ageing Better, and successful founders of new start-up brands, for their invaluable insight.

The report is designed to provide up to date advice in three specific areas: what to consider when setting up a new brand from scratch, the most effective ways to develop and evolve a brand whilst still retaining customer loyalty, and examining the additional considerations for brands who are wanting to engage the over-50s market, geared specifically towards supporting advisers in the lifetime mortgage market.

Written by Rachel Pease, Head of Marketing at Pure Retirement, in collaboration with the Silver Marketing Association, the research specifically examines brand positioning for those in later life, particularly in light of the last eighteen months and the impact the pandemic has had on customer mindsets.

In the coming weeks, Pure Retirement will also be releasing a series of Brand Health Check resources based on the findings of the report, specifically for use by advisers in the later life market.

Sally Winfield, Chair of the Silver Marketing Association commented:

“The over-50s are a diverse, experienced and sophisticated group that have many values, interests and lifestyles, which directly influence their buying habits. The growth potential for brands that understand and engage with this complex and lucrative market is enormous. A report like this, which takes an in-depth look at this group’s perception of successful branding, is incredibly interesting and informative. It’s a report that will stay on my desk for a very long time.”

Rachel Pease, Head of Marketing at Pure Retirement and author of the report explained:

“It was important to me to base the research for this report not just on traditional research texts, but to speak to real people with real experience as Heads of Brand and in setting up their own successful brands from scratch. I hope it will be an invaluable resource for businesses at every stage of brand growth, and in particular those who are wanting to effectively engage with the over 50s market.”

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