Impact Lending makes three new hires

Impact Lending, part of the property company Impact Capital Group, announces that it has appointed Wes Friedel as head of credit, and Matthew Lawrence and Holly Dormer as business development managers.

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Amy Loddington
10th May 2022
impact specialist new hires

Wes Friedel has over sixteen years’ real estate lending experience, holding senior roles at Acre Lane Capital, PropFin, Masthaven Bank, and Mercantile Trust.

Matthew Lawrence has over ten years’ experience industry, having spent time at Barclays and Castle Trust Bank. 

Holly Dormer has previously held roles at Octopus Property Finance, Peritus Corporate Finance, NatWest, and - most recently - PropFin. 

All three will be supporting Impact Lending, a business arm in the Impact Capital Group, which launched in February 2021, to provide financing solutions to external developers, including a unique product range dedicated to sustainable development.

David Travers, CEO of Impact Lending, said:

“Wes, Matthew and Holly are just the right people to take Impact Lending to the next level and will encourage all of our clients to consider building using sustainable construction methods on their future developments, and contribute to the green recovery initiative. Given their many years of experience and financial background, I feel sure that all three will meaningfully expedite the growth plans for Impact Lending and the rest of the Group.”

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