Practical Protection Podcast: A breast cancer journey

Rozi Jones
1st October 2020
Kathryn Knowles Cura

Hi everyone, I hope that you found the last podcast with Vicky Churcher insightful? From the download figures I can see it was a popular episode, so thank you for listening.

This week I am chatting to Emma Thomson, product strategist at British Friendly. She will be giving her professional and personal experience of a critical illness diagnosis, treatment and her journey to recovery, the importance of reminding clients to review their policies and to be mindful and not forget your own cover too. She talks about how much it meant to her to have these insurances that enabled her to focus on her health, rather than worrying about her finances.

On Thursday 1st October, ‘A Breast Cancer Journey’ will air and you can find the podcast at and on all major podcasting platforms.

Last year Emma was diagnosed with breast cancer, she will be discussing the social media campaign involving ‘Lemons’ that prompted her to visit her GP for further checks, sharing her experience of having cancer and her treatment. She also shines a light on the extra costs of cancer too, the things that people often don't talk about e.g. post-surgery bras, additional personal care costs and planning transport to appointments.

With no family history of cancer and a negative result on the BRCA gene, Emma is an example of how cancer can happen to anybody. Working in protection insurance all of her life, she had the foresight to get private medical insurance, critical illness cover and income protection in place, all of which were able to support her during her diagnosis and recovery.

The 3 key takeaways:

1. How you can use lemons to help spot the symptoms of cancer.
2. The importance of reviewing your protection insurance, especially if you are changing jobs and your employee benefits change.
3. A case study detailing being able to life insurance for a client that had breast cancer, whilst stricter underwriting decisions are in place due to coronavirus.

I might be back sooner than usual with another Inbetweenysode. Watch this space!!

In two weeks I will be chatting with Simoney Kyriakou about rouge firms and her experiences with insurance.

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