Advise Wise adds Early Repayment Charge priority feature

Later life sourcing platform Advise Wise has announced the launch of a new feature allowing advisers to sort product search results based on the length of the Early Repayment Charge (ERC) period.

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Amy Loddington | Online Editor, Barcadia Media Limited
9th November 2023
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Advise Wise members can find this ordering feature on the product search results page of the platform. By selecting this ordering option, advisers can quickly organise and prioritise products based on the duration of their ERC periods, simplifying the process of matching clients with the right financial solutions.

Benjamin Wells, Head of Product & Development at Advise Wise commented:

"Advise Wise is committed to empowering advisers and simplifying the financial advisory process. With the introduction of the ERC length sorting feature, we are taking a significant step towards achieving this goal”

"ERC length has become more of an advice consideration with higher rates and possibilities to repay, we’ve listened to our members feedback and introduced this feature to simplify and improve their produce sourcing, enabling them to offer more personalised and efficient advice."

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