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Andrea Rozario Bower Retirement
22nd June 2018

There is a great divide within the UK's housing market which, unfortunately, is split down to a familiar fault line - young vs. old. However, elderly homeowners are trying their...

Harpal Singh, Broker Conveyancing
9th February 2018

Within any market there’s always a large amount of terminology that can appear absolutely baffling to the layman or woman.

graph business office stats
9th February 2018

The mortgage market is (pleasantly) full of experienced individuals, youthful disruptors and every combination inbetween, however it’s sometimes possible to think we don’t do...

Steve Walker Promise Solutions
11th August 2017

How much do you have to say something before people start to believe it’s the truth? I ask this, not because I’m planning on starting some elaborate lie, but rather because I’m...

Harpal Singh, Broker Conveyancing
9th December 2016

Sometimes I look at the conveyancing market and the actions of certain stakeholders, and wonder what consumers think of it all.

Phil Whitehouse MCI Mortgage Club
2nd December 2016

I think it’s safe to say few of us will forget 2016 in a hurry. From shocking deaths of well loved celebrities to Brexit and the election of a reality TV star and businessman to the...

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