CIExpert partners with Iress to enhance advisers’ protection sales

CIExpert, the comparison service for critical illness cover, has announced a new partnership with Iress to streamline the process for advisers’ protection sales.

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Rozi Jones
30th March 2022
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"This integration with Iress is a powerful enhancement that enables advisers, for the first time, to complete the whole end to end journey within CIExpert."

The integration will enable advisers to complete the whole journey of sourcing quotes, researching the quality of products and making the application in one place.

Advisers with an Iress account will be able to retrieve quotes directly from within their CIExpert account. Client details and quote requirements are entered into CIExpert then the associated quotes are automatically retrieved, allowing the quality ranking against pricing to be instantly reviewed.

The adviser can then assess different quote options and carry out quality comparisons to assess the best value option. Once they select their recommended policy, they can download the Iress illustration together with their CIExpert report to support their compliance. With client acceptance of their recommendation, they can then proceed to application with a simple 'apply' button within CIExpert. All the quotes made via CIExpert will automatically be linked into their Iress account so will be readily accessible should they need them.

Alan Lakey, director at CIExpert, said: “Over the years feedback from advisers has told us that a simple userflow and clear presentation of information are crucial in supporting them to convey to their clients the salient issues needed when dealing with some of the complexities involved with critical illness cover. This integration with Iress is a powerful enhancement that enables advisers, for the first time, to complete the whole end to end journey within CIExpert.

“Like it or not many clients will be drawn to the lowest cost option and so providing advisers with a simple way of illustrating the quality improvements available often for a small incremental cost are key to an informed conversation with their clients.

“When you combine this capability together with our recently launched Insight Zone that provides visual tools that extend beyond critical illness to include information on both personal and business life policies we believe we are arming advisers with the digital technology they need and deserve. We are pleased to make this available at no additional cost for Iress or CIExpert users.”

Dave Miller, executive general manager at Iress, added: “Our focus is to optimise the process for advisers to make it as simple and fast as it can be, which in turn will help advisers and their clients better understand the benefits that protection brings. Getting to grips with the differences between protection products can present some challenges in complexity, and this integration with CIExpert creates a powerful solution where advisers can carry out their detailed research and sourcing in a simple streamlined process. The journey from quote to application couldn’t be simpler.”

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