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Can you help unlock industry secrets with Insights?

Amy Loddington
14th January 2020
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How do we know what is happening in the mortgage market?

We have indices to keep an eye on house prices, trackers for the bridging sector and more expert opinions than we can shake a stick at. But when it comes to what’s happening ‘at the coalface’ - with real people, talking to advisers, every day - how do we find out?

That’s where Insights comes in. 

The research portal, launched in 2018, makes use of a purpose-built digital platform upon which advisers can share their thoughts and experiences via a series of surveys. The series allows Insights’ unique data visualisation capabilities to build that much-needed picture of the financial services market.

Not only does this unique platform allow advisers to tell us their thoughts and feelings about the industry in which they work, it also provides a rich seam of information to lenders and providers too. They can use this information not only to better understand the advisers they work with (and how to make your lives easier!), but also give them a better chance of responding to market conditions and consumer demand.

So, how does it work?

It’s easy - advisers receive a link to the quarterly surveys via email (so you won’t forget!). The surveys have recently been improved so they can now be completed in under ten minutes, so it’s the perfect chance to grab a coffee and take time out of a busy day. The surveys ask advisers their thoughts and experiences, from their confidence in the market to how recently they’ve seen a BDM and how effective lenders are at keeping in touch - and as the results are collated anonymously, you can be as honest as you like. 

Of course, if you’d like to discuss your thoughts, Insights allows this too - participating lenders can see feedback from advisers, meaning your comments go directly to the right people to make a difference. And, to compensate those who participate for their contributions, the first 100 people to take an Insights survey each month will receive a £5 Amazon.co.uk voucher - not bad for ten minutes’ work!

The eagle-eyed among you may have already spotted the Insights brand out and about at Financial Reporter’s Roadshows around the country, holding smaller-scale surveys that have helped us find out some fascinating facts. For example, in September just 5% of advisers expected house prices to fall, and in October survey respondents predicted a fall in ‘pension pot landlords’ - and these made for some fascinating news stories. 

With your help, Insights can drive more news stories and help shape the future of financial services - contribute to the Insights quarterly survey here.


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