International Women’s Day: Masthaven launches Emerging Leaders programme

Masthaven has launched an ‘Emerging Leaders’ programme to provide tailored support and training for women at the Bank.

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Rozi Jones
8th March 2021
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"I’m pleased to be able to celebrate International Women’s Day by launching this latest initiative to support and empower more women at Masthaven."

The initiative is aimed at supporting the increasing number of women in managerial positions at the Bank by providing them with the backing and resources needed to continue their career development.

The Bank is delivering the programme in collaboration with WDI Consulting, which specialises in culture change and inclusion, and will see 14 women in its management team engage in a personalised development programme over a six-month period. The modular online programme is delivered via WDI’s online classroom, weekly coaching sessions and mentoring from women in senior roles at Masthaven.

Currently, women make up nearly half (47%) of staff at Masthaven, holding a third (33%) of all senior management positions and comprising 33% of the Bank’s board. Masthaven says it has worked hard to improve its gender representation at all levels and has stated its commitment to further increase the number of women in senior positions.

This latest initiative joins Masthaven’s existing ‘Women in Leadership’ programme, which the Bank launched in 2020. The programme aims to shape leadership strategy and ensure women are represented throughout the business, by providing a support network in the form of a close community of women leaders.

Masthaven recently announced the promotions of Shelley Connelly and Sabahe Mrizag to director level, two members of the Women in Leadership programme.

Tricia Halpin, chief people officer at Masthaven, said: “I’m pleased to be able to celebrate International Women’s Day by launching this latest initiative to support and empower more women at Masthaven. As an organisation, we understand the importance and value of prioritising diversity and inclusion which is why we’ve taken concrete action to support the career development of women across the organisation.

“The last year has of course been dominated by the pandemic, but that has only made it more crucial that we take this opportunity to invest in our people and strengthen our team. Continuing to encourage female talent is both the right thing to do and a key driving factor in our business performance. Our Women in Leadership programme has already proved a successful first step and we’re excited to continue to build on this achievement.”

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