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In the Spotlight with Laura Calcroft, The Future Adviser Event

Rozi Jones
24th January 2020
Laura Calcroft
"New technology can sometimes seem daunting but it’s about quality, not quantity."

We spoke to Laura Calcroft, events manager of The Future Adviser Event, about the biggest issues facing advisers in the current climate, the best thing that brokers can do for their businesses and their clients, and how the Event will offer practical tools to prepare advisers for the future of financial services.

FR: The Future Adviser Event recently launched with two dates in 2020 – what will it feature and what does it offer to advisers?

The Future Adviser Event is all about looking forwards, not backwards; about preparing for what’s next in the intermediary market - not relying on how it’s always been done. A consortium of experienced business leaders in financial services came to us with a vision of an event which set a new standard for financial services – and so the Future Adviser Event was born.

We’ll be coming to London in July and Manchester in September to prepare advisers for the future of financial services, deliver cutting-edge education which supports business growth, and be at the forefront of tackling industry-wide issues.

Expect a focus on innovation, technology, and practical tools to help your business face a new age in financial advice, as well as a roster of knowledgeable, interesting speakers.

FR: Why is 2020 the perfect time to launch an event like this?

Financial services is in a constant state of evolution and change - whether that’s due to regulation, the economy or technological advances - but the past two years have been particularly challenging for the market.

However we go into 2020 with greater political and economic clarity and industry experts are already highlighting a number of opportunities for advisers this year.

The best thing that brokers can do – for their businesses and for their clients - is educate themselves on what’s happening around them and really engage with the businesses, people, and technologies which can help them constantly improve and evolve their proposition.

FR: What are the key issues facing advisers in 2020?

The Future Adviser Event will tackle a number of issues we believe are particularly important for advisers in the current climate. Our dedicated Tech Demo area will give advisers hands-on experience with the latest financial technology, our CII-accredited academy programme will provide practical tips on advisers planning to transition to directly authorised, and our Marketing Hub will teach businesses how to boost leads and improve client retention.

FR: Has fintech in the mortgage market reached its peak?

The mortgage market will continually adapt as the needs of borrowers, lenders and advisers changes and, despite an influx of technological advances in the market in recent years, I believe there is further innovation to come. Great strides have already been made but there is still a long way to go in some areas of the mortgage process, particularly in conveyancing.

New technology can sometimes seem daunting but it’s about quality, not quantity. Advisers need to research and choose tools and not only keep up but offer a real competitive advantage, making a tangible difference to their business and their clients.

Our event will demonstrate practical tech that offers genuine solutions and is aligned to the needs of the intermediary to complement their existing business.

FR: Why can advisers not afford to miss the Future Adviser Event?

Advisers can’t predict the future - and neither can we - but we can help you future-proof yourself and your business.

We're not just another date in the diary - we're an essential tool for growth and survival in a changing financial services industry.

To pre-register for a Future Adviser Event, please visit

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