Key certifies all advisers as 'Dementia Friends'

Key has organised for its customer-facing staff, including all advisers, to be certified as Dementia Friends.

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Rozi Jones
13th April 2021
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"Recognising and understanding a customer’s potential vulnerability is a daily part of an adviser's role."

Dementia Friends is an innovation by the Alzheimer's Society to help educate people in the UK about Dementia and Alzheimer’s in order that there is improved awareness and support throughout the community.

All of Key’s adviser teams including Key Equity Release, The Equity Release Experts – Key’s whole of market division - and Mortgage Advice Bureau Later Life have undergone training. In addition, those working in head office roles where they have daily interaction with customers, including the customer engagement and estate planning teams, have also undertaken the Dementia Friends training.

Rachel East, head of advice and Dementia Friend project lead, commented: “Recognising and understanding a customer’s potential vulnerability is a daily part of an adviser's role. One in 14 people in the UK over the age of 65 are diagnosed with Dementia so our customer demographic means that it is entirely possible if not probable that some of our customers are dealing with this illness. Taking simple steps to support them can help ensure good outcomes which is why training our customer facing teams to recognise and understand the best ways to communicate with someone with Dementia is so important.”

Will Hale, CEO and Dementia Friend, said: “At Key, we are committed to putting customers at the heart of what we do so I was delighted to not only ensure that all our customer facing teams were trained but also to get trained myself so I understand the challenges people living with dementia face and be better informed when considering how we might best adapt processes and procedures to ensure good outcomes. I would like to thank the Alzheimer's Society for their thorough and informative Dementia Friends course and recommend that all financial services organisations, particularly those dealing with older customers, consider how they might incorporate within their own training plans.”

Sue Swire, community fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society, added: "The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for people affected by dementia and they now need our support more than ever. The staff at Key have been fantastic in receiving the Dementia Friends information sessions and have all agreed to take action in the fight against dementia.”

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