New audit service launches for mortgage market

The audit will help lenders, brokers and platforms gauge how easy and intuitive a product is to use.

Rozi Jones
11th February 2020
Green Tick
"Most providers do not undertake independent reviews of their digital platforms with real customers (or brokers)"

Digital business solutions agency, Dock9, has launched a portal audit service specifically aimed at the mortgage sector.

Dock9’s audit helps mortgage lenders, brokers, servicers and software platforms undertake controlled lab tests and benchmark against standardised metrics developed for the mortgage sector.

At the heart of the audit is a Usability Lab Test with between 6 and 12 users. Lab-based user testing is a ‘qualitative’ research method, used to gauge how easy and intuitive a product is to use and to determine what users actually do, rather than what they say they do.

The second component of the audit is to undertake Competitor Usability Benchmarking using a set of standardised metrics developed by Dock9 over their decade of working on digital mortgage platforms. This benchmarking exercise will give an understanding of competitors’ successes and failures and Dock9 will provide a benchmark score that details the key areas for improvement.

The end output of the audit is a Digital Usability Report, detailing the findings of the research and recommendations to improve the digital experience. It also includes the video files from the lab test for sharing with internal stakeholders and building momentum for change.

Mark Lusted, managing director of Dock9, commented: “The most successful fintech companies all have one thing in common: they regularly test their digital journeys with real customers (be they borrowers or brokers) and use the insights gained to optimise and drive conversions, avoiding the trap of making decisions on a "hunch".

"Since starting the business over ten years ago, we have always performed audits and lab testing before commencing major projects. However, it’s become apparent in the last 12 months that most providers do not undertake independent reviews of their digital platforms with real customers (or brokers), despite more and more marketing activity being aimed at driving new business and increasing efficiency through their digital platforms.

"We perform MOTs on cars, so why not on your customers’ digital experience too?”

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