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Marc Turner Interbay
4th December 2019

We spoke to Marc Turner, senior business development manager at InterBay Commercial, about the importance of 'framing' a case and the best time for him to stay in touch with brokers.

Paul Gregory SortRefer
13th November 2019

We spoke to Paul Gregory, regional account manager at SortRefer, about the key to building rapport and solid relationships with brokers and how to make the most of a valuable income stream.

Sam Lea Dudley
7th November 2019

We caught up with Sam Lea, BDM at Dudley Building Society, to discuss why education is so important and why brokers shouldn’t be afraid to seek training and advice in less well-known areas.

Lyndsey Charnock Canada Life
9th October 2019

We caught up with Lyndsey Charnock, business development manager at Canada Life, to discuss the array of resources she can offer to advisers and the one thing she wish all brokers knew.

Emily Smith Hinckley & Rugby
25th September 2019

We spoke to Emily Smith, national account manager at Hinckley & Rugby Building Society, about the benefits of using a smaller lender and why knowing what your USPs are is essential.

Matthew Taylor InterBay
4th September 2019

We spoke to Matthew Taylor, senior BDM at InterBay Commercial, about why his best business relationships are with brokers he's met in person and how BDMs can help intermediaries do the best job for...

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