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On the Road with Abenaa Afari, Hodge

Rozi Jones
5th June 2019
Abenaa Afari Hodge

We spoke to Abenaa Afari, business development manager at Hodge Lifetime, about later life lending gurus and the concept of 'Be Curious'.

FR: What area do you cover?

London, M25 and the South East.

FR: If you had one ‘top tip’ for life as a BDM, what would it be?

Be Curious. A mentor of mine, Prof. Nelly, embraced the concept of 'Be Curious' as involving the following:

- Being inquisitive and keen to try new things
- Getting to know our customers
- Seeking inspiration and learning from others

FR: How do you pass the time on the road - books, podcasts, audiobooks?

Meditation, prayer and positive affirmations. I drive in silence whilst out of London, because this South Londoner needs to hear her Sat Nav!

FR: What’s one thing you wish all brokers knew?

Hodge = Later Life Lending Gurus! Over 50? - think Hodge.

FR: A quick email on Monday or a phone call in the afternoons - how can brokers contact you?

A bit of both and everything in between. I regularly speak with advisers via LinkedIn, text messages, as well as the usual routes of calls and emails – advisers can get hold of me with ease, and Rachael Williams, my TBDM, is also on hand to support if I am not available.

FR: And lastly - what’s your favourite place to stop for a coffee when you’re between meetings?

A small local independent, always rooting for the underdog!

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