On the Road with Jane Forshaw, Pure Retirement

We spoke to Jane Forshaw, BDM at Pure Retirement, about the one thing she wishes all brokers knew and how to be the 'right kind of busy'.

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Rozi Jones
10th March 2020
Jane Forshaw Pure Retirement
"Service is paramount to us here at Pure Retirement and having telephone BDMs and relationship managers also on hand to help, it creates another opportunity for brokers to make contact."

FR: What area do you cover?

I cover the South East and it’s a great area to work in. It’s got lots of advisers, and having London in my area provides me with a really nice busy little ‘hub’ in which a lot of events and awards take place in. I live in Southampton and I go as far as Peterborough, so it’s a fairly big patch! I work with a telephone BDM who supports me based in our head office in Leeds, so looking after our advisers together means that they get the most support possible.

FR: If you had one ‘top tip’ for life as a BDM, what would it be?

Having been a BDM for the last nine years, I definitely think that diary management is key. Working out in the field, it’s easy to fit in as much as possible, but it’s so important to be smart with diary management so that appointments and travel work logically. Being busy is good, but it needs to be the right kind of busy! The support of a great team is vital when working remotely and this is something that helps me tremendously in my day to day role as a BDM.

FR: How do you pass the time on the road - books, podcasts, audiobooks?

Music and snacks! I love listening to music whilst out on the road. It definitely passes the time and with a cup of tea and some chocolate, you can’t go wrong. I’m no singer, but in the confines of my own car with no one to hear me (fortunately), my inner Adele can sometimes make an appearance! It’s also a great time to take calls but also to make contact with my advisers that are on my ‘to do’ list.

FR: What’s one thing you wish all brokers knew?

We try to be accessible as much as we can for our brokers to contact us, but in the day to day life of a BDM that involves appointments, events, team meetings etc a response is not always immediately available. Service is paramount to us here at Pure Retirement and having telephone BDMs and relationship managers also on hand to help, it creates another opportunity for brokers to make contact. I dislike a busy inbox or a full voicemail box so a quick response is important!

FR: A quick email on Monday or a phone call in the afternoons - how can brokers contact you?

Apart from when I am in meetings or at events, I am always available for my brokers to contact me via email or phone call. I often suggest to my brokers that an email works better as I can refer it to my telephone BDM in order to respond if I am otherwise engaged. That’s the great thing about the level of support that BDMs have at head office. Emails are also a great way of recording information and to have answers in writing, but a good catch up over the phone really does create that personal touch and rapport with brokers.

FR: And lastly - what’s your favourite place to stop for a coffee when you’re between meetings?

Spending so much time on the road, I have definitely picked out my favourite service stations to stop at! Most of the time, it will be a stop somewhere on the M25. My personal favourites are South Mimms and Cobham – they have a great selection of places for something to eat so ideal for restocking up on snacks!

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