On the Road with Marc Turner, Interbay

We spoke to Marc Turner, senior business development manager at InterBay Commercial, about the importance of 'framing' a case and the best time for him to stay in touch with brokers.

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Rozi Jones
4th December 2019
Marc Turner Interbay
"The more information a broker can provide us about a case, the better and quicker the outcome will be for a client."

FR: What area do you cover?

I visit key national accounts located within Wales, Cheltenham and Gloucester, plus Oxford to Milton Keynes/Hemel Hempstead.

FR: If you had one ‘top tip’ for life as a BDM, what would it be?

Stay away from the temptation of junk food in between meetings - your waistline will thank you for it!

FR: How do you pass the time on the road – books radio, podcasts, audio-books?

Generally this is the best time for me to stay in touch with brokers and head office so I always plan my car journeys with a list of pre-programmed numbers. If I need some 'me time', you just can’t beat a good Spotify playlist.

FR: What’s one thing you wish all brokers knew?

That our bank has a real appetite for lending so the more information a broker can provide us about a case, the better and quicker the outcome will be for a client. Essentially there is not much that we won’t look at in InterBay but the more a broker can ‘frame’ the case to help us take a view the better.

FR: A quick email on Monday or a phone call in the afternoons - how can brokers contact you?

The normal routes via phone or email, especially for enquiries around complex deals as the detail is so important. The majority of my regular brokers send a short text along the lines of “please call me” – simple but works well.

FR: And lastly - what’s your favourite place to stop for a coffee when you’re between meetings?

Generally a coffee shop with a strong Wi-Fi signal as the guilt of drinking a coffee without checking emails would be too much!

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