Advise Wise adds product comparison feature for later life advisers

Advise Wise has launched a product comparison feature on its platform, enabling later life advisers to compare two or more products while running a product search.

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Amy Loddington
13th October 2021
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The comparison tool allows advisers to view and assess the specifics of multiple plans side by side, with no limit to the number of plans that can be compared.

Like all other aspects of the platform, the product comparison feature is available for free to all Advise Wise members, with the aim to improve the product sourcing journey, which Advise Wise say will make it more efficient and easier for advisers to recommend the right plans for their clients.

Jane Hanlon, Mortgage Club Manager at Advise Wise commented:

“Given the abundance of lifetime mortgages currently available, with more being added regularly, it’s becoming harder for advisers to navigate products and find the right plan for the client’s needs, especially for advisers that are new to equity release. That's why at Advise Wise we are committed to constantly improving and developing innovative features to enable our members to optimise the sourcing process, recommend the right products and concentrate on delivering exceptional advice.”

“By using the intuitive plan filters on our platform and now with the new option to compare plans side by side, we’re making the sourcing process easier and effortless, so that our members can save time and focus on what matters the most: recommend the right product for the client’s circumstances and achieve the best customer outcomes.”

“Also with some lenders now adopting a flexible pricing model, it's vital that advisers add the client’s medical information to the client’s case. As the client could benefit from lower rates or higher loan-to-values, achieving a truly bespoke lifetime mortgage, tailored specifically to their health and lifestyle. Doing so makes this new comparison feature even more valuable.”

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