Panacea Adviser launches pensions reform site

Rozi Jones
22nd June 2015
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Panacea Adviser, the online community and resource for financial advisers and paraplanners, has today launched a pensions reform microsite.

The microsite has been developed to help advisers inform and prepare their clients for the impact of the pension reforms.

Features of the microsite include news and articles on all manner of Pension Reform issues; a comprehensive look at the changes and rules introduced in April this year; and guides, webinars and videos looking at specific developments in the pensions market and how it is responding to the new freedoms.

It will also feature tools from Panacea partners such as Aviva and Prudential including action checklists, annual allowance calculators, defined benefit pension input amount tool, retirement modeller, salary exchange calculator, tax relief modeller, and a tax relief tool.

Derek Bradley, CEO of Panacea Adviser, said:

“Since the announcement of the pension reforms by the Government in the 2014 Budget there has been an overwhelming amount of information for advisers to sift through, and respond to. Now with the introduction of the changes from April this year there is a real practical need to be fully up to date with all the developments as and when they happen.

“The pension freedoms now available to clients provide far more opportunities but also a level of complexity that is not likely to go away anytime soon. In order to secure that ongoing knowledge Panacea has developed this specific Pensions Reform microsite which allows us to provide everything in one place.

“The impact for advisers and clients has been considerable, and as future generations of retirees are able to access these freedoms, the industry will continue to evolve and respond with new tools and improved product suites. Having this microsite gives advisers a first port of call to see how this shifting market is developing and how this translates on a practical level to client wants and needs.

“With the support of our Panacea partners we are committed to ensuring advisers who use the microsite will have everything they, and their clients, need when it comes to securing the right options for their retirement lives.”

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