Brokers predict significant growth in specialist lending market

63% of mortgage brokers expect the specialist lending market to grow significantly over the next year, with an additional third (33%) expecting it to grow slightly, according to a poll by Bluestone Mortgages.

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Rozi Jones
2nd September 2021
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"It is an area of the market that is only going to grow as more customers get turned away from the high street."

This sentiment is reflected in the opportunities mortgage brokers are seeing in the specialist lending market. The top three opportunities brokers cited were the growing number of people with complex credit (47%), growing number of self-employed workers (16%), and increased product choice (15%).

However, brokers believe the specialist lending market could still be made more attractive and accessible. Lower product costs came out on top, with 29% of brokers choosing this option, this was closely followed by higher LTV ratios (28%). Nearly a fifth (19%) are looking for more flexible products, while a similar number (18%) are wanting better education. Just 5% of brokers are looking for high procuration fees.

Reece Beddall, sales and marketing director at Bluestone Mortgages, commented: “It’s great to see such confidence in the specialist lending market among brokers. As more people come out of lockdown in a more challenging financial situation than they were in before, it is an area of the market that is only going to grow as more customers get turned away from the high street. This represents a huge opportunity for brokers who are going to be approached by a growing cohort of underserved borrowers looking for a helping hand over the short, medium and long term.

“However, our poll also revealed that there are areas of the specialist lending market where brokers are wanting more. We, as lenders, must listen to these demands and provide brokers with education and the tools they need to support the growing number of ‘non-vanilla’ customers in achieving their ultimate dream of homeownership.”

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