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New specialist lender Chordis Capital completes first loan

Rozi Jones
26th April 2021
Rob Lankey Chordis
"It’s fantastic to have completed our first loan so quickly. We love providing great customer service."

New specialist lender, Chordis Capital, has completed its first loan three weeks after its launch.

Chordis Capital was launched last month by Rob Lankey and chairman of the ARMCo group, Russell Martin, and provides funding for businesses, property investors and developers.

Chordis is part of the ARMCo group, which includes Innovation 4 business, Finance 4 Business, Atlas Land & Planning, Walker Doble, Cape Insurance, Liquidity Club and Midshore Partners.

Its first loan was to Mark Fitzpatrick, MD of Fitzpatrick Group, who needed a lender to finish his development of three luxury homes being built in the West Midlands.

Rob Lankey, managing director of Chordis, said: “It’s fantastic to have completed our first loan so quickly. We love providing great customer service. It’s the Chordis way.

“It's not an easy time for any developer to build properties, having to manage the impacts of Covid-19. Developers are dealing with the impact on project delivery of government directives, travel restrictions, the availability of labour, site closure and the availability of raw materials. However, one thing that struck me straight away is the extensive experience Mark has over many other successful projects that he has completed before. Also being known to fellow Chordis director, Russell Martin, and chair of ARMCo, we could see that he had an extensive track record, so we were very pleased to work with Mark. It also made it much easier to meet Mark on site and work extensively with the different parties throughout the loan completion process.”

Mark Fitzpatrick said: “One of the challenges when trying to build properties and you're busy on site, is getting hold of people when it suits you; but I immediately found working with Rob and Chordis that communication was easy at all times of the day or night. Rob was super responsive to everything that came his way so that the loan could be completed really quickly and without any disruption to the building of the properties which was critically important to me. This is the way lenders used to be in the past, so it's really refreshing to work with Chordis, and it gives me great confidence about their ability to not only provide a great customer experience but deliver the loan when I need it. Our luxury homes brand Gracemarque looks forward to working with Chordis on all our further developments.”

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