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Promise upgrades second charge platform

Rozi Jones
15th May 2019
Steve Walker Promise Solutions
"Active sourcing brings together the best technology with human expertise exactly how brokers want it."

Promise Specialist Lending has upgraded its second charge platform to increase speeed and accuracy for brokers seeking quotations.

The latest upgrades allow Promise underwriters to interact with brokers by phone and online to deliver more accurate verbal or written quotations.

Steve Walker, managing director at Promise Specialist Lending, commented: “Active sourcing brings together the best technology with human expertise exactly how brokers want it. They don’t want a half baked decision from a computer, or a best guess from a human. What they do want is fast and accurate decisions plus the ability to discuss and factor in the nuances of the application with an expert so they don’t waste time on cases which will fail later in the process.

“Sourcing systems can only go so far in dealing with the complexities of second charges and a good underwriter will know when certain products are not available simply because of their experience and knowledge of the lender. Our brokers can enter enquiries on the sourcing platform or call us. Underwriters can then remove the options which they know from experience won’t ultimately be available. This is all captured with explanatory notes in the comparison quote which shows the best qualifying fixed, variable and interest only option and can be emailed to the broker during the call. It’s also recorded in the compliance records and supports the FCA’s desire for brokers to explain and evidence why cheaper products are not being offered.

“We want to ensure that brokers talk direct to an underwriter and get fast, accurate, written quotations from the person who will be responsible for getting the case paid out if it proceeds. Speed and accuracy is important, especially if the broker just wants a quick comparison quote, but ownership and accountability is what underpins a high quality end to end second charge service.”


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