Virgin tweaks rates and withdraws exclusives

Virgin Money has announced a series of amendments to its residential mortgage range.

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Rozi Jones
13th May 2022
Virgin Money

Amongst the changes, selected exclusive purchase and remortgage products have been withdrawn.

The products removed include a 75% LTV two-year fix at 2.49%, an 80% LTV five-year fix at 2.42%, and an 85% LTV five-year fix at 2.53%.

A 75% LTV five-year fixed rate remortgage product at 2.30% has also been withdrawn.

Across Virgin's core residential range, selected fixed rates at 65% - 80% LTV have been increased by up to 0.11%.

Product transfer rates have also risen by up to 4bps, including a two-year fix at 80% LTV which is now available at 2.44% with a £995 fee and a five-year fixed rate fee-saver product at 80% LTV which is now 2.77%.

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