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Dale Jannels
22nd February 2019

We spoke to Dale Jannels, MD at Impact Specialist Finance, about the firm's recent rebrand from AToM and how going directly authorised has benefited the business.

David Lownds Hanley Economic
22nd February 2019

Shared ownership is an important initiative for first-time buyers, and whilst there are many lenders looking to help homebuyers and intermediaries realise the potential attached to it, it still...

Lisa Buckley Leek United
22nd February 2019

With the current housing shortage and high cost of property, a new build home is often the first step for home buyers looking to get on the housing ladder or move out of rental accommodation to a...

mortgage house first time buyer first-time complete
22nd February 2019

Falling mortgage rates and wage growth mean the cost of servicing a mortgage has remained stable for decades despite growing loan sizes, according to research from mortgage broker Private Finance.

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