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Kathryn Knowles Cura
23rd November 2021

Hi everyone. In the last episode I was joined by regular host Roy McLoughlin and special guest Jeff Woods from Legal & General. The topic of the conversation was Legal &...

Jo Carrasco Stonebridge
16th November 2021

You have to go back almost three and a half years to find the last time the Bank of England put Bank Base Rate (BBR) up, which is perhaps why there was so much ‘excitement’...

Rob Evans, Managing Director of Paymentshield
15th November 2021

With major sport and music events open to full-capacity crowds, bars and restaurants bustling once again, and more and more travellers making plans to fly abroad, we are increasingly...

Hiten Ganatra, Visionary Finance
15th November 2021

The headlines over the last few weeks have been filled with news about shortages of fuel, which has caused queues at the petrol pumps, rising gas prices leading to many small energy...

patrick bamford genworth
12th November 2021

To an outsider’s perspective, the mortgage market might well seem somewhat baffling on occasion, or at least rather hard to get your head round, particularly when there appears...

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