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Ashley Pearson Loughborough
10th August 2022

In a turbulent interest rate environment, the security and certainty of a fixed rate mortgage product has great appeal for a vast proportion of borrowers. Guaranteed monthly repayment...

Jason Berry
9th August 2022

Despite the economic doom and gloom, the buy-to-let market continues to provide a ray of sunshine for both mortgage brokers and investors alike.

Jimmy Allen Norton
8th August 2022

Second charge mortgages have seen a surge in popularity since the Covid-19 pandemic, as a growing number of borrowers seek a faster and more streamlined way to raise capital instead of...

Louise Pengelly Paymentshield
5th August 2022

The long-awaited Consumer Duty Policy Statement has now been published by the FCA, setting a new standard that retail financial services firms are expected to meet to drive better...

Mark Whitear Foundation Home Loans new
5th August 2022

The many and varied changes that have been introduced into the buy-to-let and private rental sectors for landlords to absorb over the last decade were always likely to have a...

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