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Tom Molloy Mansfield BS
11th September 2023

Tom Denman-Molloy, intermediary sales manager at Mansfield Building Society, explores which segments of the housing market are seeing ongoing demand in the current climate.

Adam Oldfield Phoebus
4th September 2023

Adam Oldfield, chief revenue officer at Phoebus, explores the importance of partnerships within financial services.

Maeve Ward
25th August 2023

Maeve Ward, director of commercial operations at Mercantile Trust, looks at why the market is seeing strong demand for loans to fund refurbishment amid a soft residential purchase...

Simon Jackson SDL Surveying
23rd August 2023

Simon Jackson, managing director of SDL Surveying, explores why a coordinated approach is necessary to tackle the practice of buying second homes which is driving up prices in local...

house mortgage late payment due repossession arrears
23rd August 2023

Susan Baldwin, interim head of lending at Evolution Money, discusses the recent rise in mortgage arrears and why more borrowers will resort to different types of credit as household...

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