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Jason Berry
22nd June 2022

The UK is a country focused on homeownership, more so than many others. In 2020-21, 61% of private renters and 25% of social renters said they expected to buy a property in the future,...

Simon Jackson SDL Surveying
17th June 2022

Memories can be short-lived in the mortgage market and that can make for some extreme reactions, for example, there is sometimes a tendency to overreact when things go up or down, be...

Andy Valvona CHL
16th June 2022

Short-term lets may be one of the fastest growing areas of the modern buy-to-let marketplace but it could also be described as one of the most overpriced, misunderstood and...

Sonny Gosai 2021
15th June 2022

The bridging loan market is often associated with landlords, property developers and property investors looking for short-term finance to fund housing projects, but the fact is that...

patrick bamford genworth
15th June 2022

Politics has, and always will, play a major role in the UK housing market and we have seen plenty of proof of that particularly over the last decade.

Kathryn Knowles Cura
14th June 2022

Hi everyone. I hope you found the last episode insightful? The Financial Vulnerability Taskforce highlights that anyone could experience financial vulnerabilities throughout their...

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