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Nicola Firth Knowledge Bank
17th February 2022

The start of a year is a great time to make resolutions. In the Knowledge Bank office there were plenty of resolutions that we will definitely keep beyond January. One resolution that...

Andy Valvona
17th February 2022

On the back of some well-publicised tax and regulatory changes across the buy-to-let sector in recent years, it’s clear that awareness around limited company lending has risen...

Jimmy Allen Norton
15th February 2022

For advisers with clients looking to raise additional funds to finance the cost of home improvements or consolidate debt as we emerge from the pandemic, a second charge mortgage may...

Sebastian Murphy Rory Murphy JLM
14th February 2022

Even since the Credit Crunch, Government attitudes to landlords have appeared to veer somewhere between indifference and downright hostility, with little thought apparently given to...

Maeve Ward
11th February 2022

We’ve begun 2022 facing a whole series of negative economic indicators and a worsening in the cost of living. And in the short-term at the very least, things look like they are...

Lauren Bagley
9th February 2022

Simple products and services stand out. It has become a necessity worth striving to achieve in a complex market and within busy mortgage firms across the UK.

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