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Shelley Connelly, Masthaven
27th March 2020

We spoke to Shelley Connelly, head of underwriting at Masthaven, about why digital delivery is more than just having a slick website and which areas require the most investment and innovation from...

Jessica Szczelkun SortRefer
20th March 2020

We spoke to Jessica Szczelkun, sales and relationship director at SortRefer, about how to tackle uncertainty in the housing market and the benefits of creating a better work-life balance.

Simon Bittlestone Metapraxis
13th March 2020

We spoke to Simon Bittlestone, CEO of financial analytics firm Metapraxis, about how businesses can safeguard their performance with Brexit on the horizon and why planning for strategic goals is...

Vanessa Sallows
6th March 2020

We spoke to Vanessa Sallows, claims and governance director at Legal & General, about reducing the stigma of mental health in the workplace, what value group income protection can bring to firms,...

Elise Coole, Keystone Property Finance
28th February 2020

We spoke to Elise Coole, chief operating officer of Keystone Property Finance, about how complex buy-to-let can be simplified for both intermediaries and their landlord clients and why we can...

Mike Lane Fleet
21st February 2020

We spoke to Mike Lane, chief operating officer at Fleet Mortgages, about the biggest changes at Fleet over the past five years, the biggest challenges facing buy-to-let lenders, and why he's...

Jen Pomfret Paymentshield
7th February 2020

We spoke to Jen Pomfret, head of digital at Paymentshield, about how the GI provider is developing technology to help advisers establish stronger connections with their clients.

Lisa Martin TMA
31st January 2020

We spoke to Lisa Martin, development director at TMA Club, about why later life lending will be the fastest-growing market sector and why brokers should not fear change.

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